You Want Me To Do WHAT?!?!?

posted Aug 4, 2011, 9:03 AM by Sara Zenter

There are several instances this past month that I can imagine that is what is going through Christopher’s mind.  Instance #1 happened on Thursday July 21 when we woke him up at 4am to go see the final shuttle landing.  Stephen and I couldn’t make a decision on whether we were going or not until Wednesday evening.  My thinking was that if I got Christopher up and changed in the dark, he would go back to sleep on the way to JSC.  Well, he had other plans!  He didn’t go back to sleep, even though he was almost asleep when we parked!  But immediately woke up when we went to get his stroller out the back of the Pilot.  Even though Christopher was awake, he was a perfect little angel (as always)!  He never cried while we waited with the crowd of people (which was noisy and that is why he couldn’t go back to sleep) and just sat in his stroller looking around.  Close to the shuttle landing, I got him out and held him.  Poor thing was sweating since it was so humid, even at 4am!!  Well, the shuttle lands and you can see so many people wiping tears away.  It is still hard to imagine that we won’t be having any more shuttle launches – it really hasn’t sunk in yet and probably won’t until around the end of the year when we should have been having another launch.  Once we landed and heard a few small speeches being made, we made our way around the area to get some pictures of Christopher so we can tell him he was there when history was made!  He was such a good sport J  He finally had his “meltdown” around 5:45 when we were heading out because he stuck to his feeding schedule and wanted to eat!  We have such a wonderful little man.

So that brings me to the second instance and this instance as pleasant as the first (that is just a warning).  As most of you know, Christopher has had congestion since he was born.  I’m convinced (and I think I have convinced everyone else including his doctor) that it is allergies.  He cannot take any allergy medicine until 6 months, but we did get a decongestant/antihistamine mixture from the doctor’s office during one visit up there (maybe sometime this month?).  We go on a regular basis for his congestion that all the appointments have run together.  Well, last Monday (7/18) I had to take Christopher back to the doctor for his congestion because it now sounded like it was making its way to his chest.  And it was, but there was no tightness and it hadn’t settled in his lungs – all good things!  So the doctor said that if he hasn’t gotten better in a week or gets worse, to bring him back.  Well I start the medicine she had given me before and that seems to help…….until about Wednesday/Thursday time frame.  Then Christopher just kept getting worse and worse.  Well Friday I get a call from school saying I needed to pick him up early because he had 3 runny diapers and a very low grade fever (which we figured out was his first tooth coming in!).  Well, the weekend comes and he isn’t any better.  So I call Monday and make him an appointment for that afternoon. 

Now the doctor can hear some tightness in his chest, but she thinks it is from the congestion and not asthma.  So what does that mean?  We get to do a breathing treatment at the doctor’s office.  Okay; I’m thinking the nurse is going to stay in there with me and help me out.  Nope – I get to do this all by myself (and afterwards, I didn’t blame the nurse for not staying).  So I get a quick lesson on what to do and then it is time to keep this mask on his face for 7-8 minutes.  Not so bad, right?  Yea, right!  Within a minute, Christopher had already pulled the thing apart and I couldn’t get it back together and watch him.  So I finally just hold him to where he really can’t move and hold the mask to his face and we get through it.  But not without crying and blood-curling screaming.  I think I may need a hearing test after that one!  And I think I got as much medicine as he did J  But it seemed to have helped.  So, what does the doctor say….you need to do this at home every 4-6 hours for 2 days and then on an as needed basis.  Well, I make an executive decision and decide we are going to do them twice a day for the rest of the week.  And we have our good days with it with minimal crying and screaming and then others are just like the day in the doctor’s office.  But, I will say, as hard as it is to hear him scream and cry like that, he is breathing so much better now!  And I have now ordered a pacifier mouth piece for future instances.  Let’s hope those go better ;)

Well, I can’t mention the good days and bad days without mentioning how the dogs react to it.  Astro runs and hides because it scares him so badly.  The crying and screaming with the mix of the sound of the machine scare him and the minute he sees us getting the medicine in it, he takes off for the guest bedroom.  Luna on the other hand, stays with us to help distract Christopher.  And it does work sometimes and we are very grateful for those times J


Oh, and Christopher weighed 14 pounds 8 ounces on Monday 7/25!!