What’s in a Name?

posted Dec 1, 2012, 6:59 PM by Sara Zenter   [ updated Dec 1, 2012, 7:24 PM ]

“What’s in a name?  That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” – William Shakespeare


“Romeo and Juliet” is by far one of my favorite plays by William Shakespeare.  So what does this have to do with anything?  Well, we have finally decided on a name for Peanut #2.  It was a very tough decision and a very long process.  Once we learned it was a boy, I threw out my favorite name, Jonathan, since we didn’t use it last time.  I even thought about a middle name, David – David is Stephen’s dad’s name and Stephen’s middle name.  A very logical choice.  But Stephen had other ideas.


Christopher’s middle name is Allen – my paternal grandmother’s maiden name.  Stephen suggested we use his paternal grandmother’s maiden name, Craft.  It sounded great to me.  But since we are going with Craft, which starts with a C…  Why not pick an “A” name and switch Christopher’s initials – CAZ to ACZ?  This is when the discussion got good.  I had not thought of an “A” name.  I was so determined to name our second son “Jonathan,” I didn’t care what other names were out there. 


There was only one thing to do, rely on the Internet for some help.  As I sat there reading “A” names out to Stephen, it seemed he only had one response “No.”  That was until we came upon the name “Apollo.”  Yes, “Apollo,” as in the third US manned spaceflight program.  So not a good idea with a space nut of a husband.  He seemed to really love the idea of Apollo Craft ;-) Can you just imagine the poor nicknames for our son?  At this point, I could tell Stephen didn’t really want to discuss names if he was wanting to name our son “Apollo.”


For the next few weeks, one of my friends and I had nicknamed #2 “Spacey AC” since Stephen was so set on “Apollo.”  After enough people started asking if we had a name, Stephen decided to post on Facebook that we were naming our child Apollo.  Once I finally saw it and posted this wasn’t true, it was funny to see the amount of people that actually believed him!  There was some truth to his post though, we had finally agreed on a name.  Andrew Craft Zenter will be here in late March!


Christopher can say the name, “Andrew,” so cutely.  Christopher knows Baby Andrew is in my belly too, and he will sweetly give kisses.  He clearly doesn’t grasp the concept of what is happening , but we are trying to get him used to the idea of a baby with his new cousin, Emily, and our friends’ baby, Lorelai.


Christopher is doing great!  Here are the latest details of our sprouting 20-month old:

·         He is getting even more teeth and getting even taller.  He is now well over half my height (I know, not saying much).

·         He is doing better at being able to stay out later, whici is more convenient for Mom and Dad.

·         We are definitely hitting the “Terrible Twos.”  He is wanting to show and prove he is independent.  The most trouble we have is at restaurants dealing with him not wanting to sit still – nothing you wouldn’t expect out of a 20-month old!

·         He’s a talker and a singer.  For a while he refused to put two words together, but now he is trying to speak in full sentences.  “Astro pooped,” is one favorite of his favorite phrases, and the he loves to tell us about the, “Opecus” that lives in the ocean.  His singing habits come honestly from his father.

·         And then there’s Elmo.  Whenever he sees Elmo in a book or on TV, he flips.  “Elmo.  Elmo.  Elmo.  ELMO!”