We're ready, Santa!

posted Dec 22, 2012, 7:19 AM by Stephen Zenter   [ updated Dec 22, 2012, 8:05 AM ]
Christmas is upon us.  And just like every year, it's the excitement leading up to it that makes the season so much fun for our family.  The lights went up on the house just after Thanksgiving, and the tree followed close behind.  Christopher is beyond excited about all the lights and decorations we pass by.  When driving through the neighborhood, he shouts, "Oh, wow!.. Lights."  He loves to stare at our tree and tell us what is on each ornament.  The ones that play music always get him dancing around.
This year I gave up on putting lights in our trees and just stuck with the ones on the house.  For the past few years the squirrels have chewed through several strands of lights, and I just got tired of the constant battle through the month of December.   You won this round, squirrels.  This left our front yard somewhat bare, which is not an accurate reflection of the Zenters' holiday spirit.  So I went to work in the garage, producing a resemblance of our favorite cartoon dog (and high school mascot).  After planning and drawing, sawing, sanding and painting, a 6.5-feet tall Flying Ace emerged.  He's complete with his Santa hat and scarf and has his house decorated with lights.  It turned out really cool.  Here's a night shot...
Christopher also thinks Snoopy is cool and insists on taking a picture with him... every day.
Sara snapped this one a few days ago.  It's my favorite so far.
Of course to really get into the Christmas season, we have watched Christmas Vacation multiple times already.  We also took Christopher to see Santa Claus.  We headed down to the Dickinson Festival of Lights a few weeks ago.  Christopher was bursting with excitement looking at all the lights (especially the ones shaped as a train).  We made our way towards Santa's sleigh and waited for about 20 minutes.  Mommy walked him over to the sleigh, and our trip to see Santa was essentially complete at that moment.  On the plus side, we got a fun picture out of it.