Weekend(s) Warrior

posted Apr 5, 2011, 5:13 PM by Stephen Zenter
As most people know, I enjoy a lot of DIY work around the house.  This weekend I wrapped up our 2011 landscaping.  In fact, it took three consecutive weekends to get the work done.  Look, I know 'Weekend(s) Warrior' does not have a nice ring to it, but that's all I've got.  Yard work is one of my favorite parts of home ownership, especially when the weather is as nice as it has been the past couple weeks.  Since we spent so much time preparing for Christopher's arrival, it had been some time since the grass had been mowed and the leaves had been picked up.  It was further delayed while I spread nearly four cubic yards of topsoil in the back yard to get it level and filled in the side of the house with sod.  I also dug a large flower bed which ate another yard of topsoil.  Once I was able to get the flower bed border installed and leveled, Sara and I picked out some plants.  The plants went in, and a couple yards of mulch found their way into all of the flower beds and tree bases to wrap up the work.  I must admit that it came out even nicer than I expected.  I definitely could not have completed the project without the help and trailer loan from my brother, Eric!
Sara and I have enjoyed opening up the blinds at the back of the house and seeing the new plants and flowers.  I even had the time to plant our vegetables for this season.  We will hopefully enjoy four different types of hot peppers, squash, eggplant, tomatoes, and cucumbers in the next few months.  One thing I never have to plant again is mint.  The mint I planted over two years ago seems to just grow where it wants to anymore.  I have more growing out of the designated bed than in it at this point.  Garden pics are in the "Spring 2011" album.  If things continue to grow and sprout, I will try to snap some more.
This past weekend, we also had the opportunity to visit with my cousin Dwayne, his wife, Jennifer, and their kids - Cooper, Addison, and the newest addition, John Marshall.  They were down in Houston and came to the Clear Lake area to have dinner with Eric, Julie, Benjamin, and us.  John Marshall is just a couple weeks older than Christopher, so we let them hang out too.  The two cute little boys clearly enjoyed their time together.  Thanks for coming to visit, guys!