Surprise! And Graduation

posted May 25, 2010, 5:46 PM by Sara Zenter

I haven't posted lately, so I need to update you on what has been going on.


First, Stephen and I made our way to Shreveport on May 6th for the weekend.  Friday May 7th was Mom's birthday!  That morning, Stephen made his way to Ruston for his bi-annual Industrial Engineering Advisory Board duties.  While he was busy listening to the seniors give their Senior Design Project presentation, Mom and I made our way to meet my sister-in-law, Andrea.  The three of us went shopping, ALL DAY!  Apparently, I can wear those two out by shopping all day :)  That evening, we talked Mom out of eating at Ming Garden and talked her into eating at Monjunis.  This wasn't hard, all I had to say was that Stephen and I have wanted it and she bought it.  This was necessary because we, Stephen, his mom, and I, had been planning a surprise party for Mom with all of our family at Monjunis.  We made our way and let Stephen and Derek, my brother, know when we were in the parking lot.  Derek met us outside and helped shield Mom from seeing everyone.  As we walked in, everyone yelled Surprise - Mom was in total shock!  Surprise party was a success :)  We ate and all had a wonderful time.  You can find pictures from that night in our album!!  We spent the rest of the weekend and Mother's Day visiting with all of family and of course, wishing our Moms Happy Mother's Day!!


I made my way back to Shreveport on May 21st.  This time, it was just me.  Space Shuttle Atlantis launched for the last time on May 14th, and Stephen worked as Lead ODIN for his last mission - he will update on the mission soon.  Saturday, Mom and Andrea ventured out shopping with me again :)  They thought we did a lot of shopping the last time, we stayed out shopping even more this time!  We all three enjoyed it very much - mainly because we don't get to do that very often.  I miss them and going shopping with them!!  But I'm sure Stephen and the bank accounts are happy I don't go as often :)


On Sunday, my younger brother-in-law, Thomas, and my youngest cousin, Stephen B., graduated from 8th grade!  They graduated from St. Joseph School - this is where Stephen and I graduated from 8th grade as well.  It was a wonderful ceremony.  We started out in the Church, which was beautiful renovated from when we were there.  Then we made our way to the gym, which had been enclosed since I last saw it, where they did the awards.  Both Stephen and Thomas received the Presidential Award.  Then Thomas received the Outstanding Student Award!!  This is received by one male and one female from the entire 8th grade.  Stephen Z. received this award when he graduated as well.  We are very proud of both Thomas and Stephen B.  We went on to celebrate with dinner at Ming Garden where I was able to visit with family that I don't get to see all the time!  It was nice catching up with everyone.  At 11:45pm Thomas, Momma Z, Stephen, and Aunt Pam made their way back to SJS to get on a chartered bus and head to Dallas' airport.  The four of them, their classmates, and more chaperones made their way to D.C. for a week of fun and relaxation! 


I am proud to say that Thomas and Stephen B. will be attending the same high school that Stephen and I attended, Loyola College Prep.  Thomas will be playing football and Stephen will be playing soccer.  I guess we will have to make our way to Shreveport a little more to see the games!


Congrats Thomas and Stephen!  We are very proud of you!!  We hope you had a wonderful time in DC.