Rumor Has It...

posted Sep 11, 2012, 7:04 PM by Sara Zenter
Let's catch up on some Christopher news.  Christopher is now 18 months old.  He is 33.5" tall and 22.5 pounds; so tall and lean as he always has been!  He is now over half my height.  We haven't had an ear infection (knock on wood) since his tubes were installed back in April!  And Christopher is really starting to talk more.  We are hearing more pronounced words coming from him daily.  He always surprises us with what he knows and how smart he is.  He is now in the early twos class (the Duck room) and has been the happiest we have seen him!  The first week he moved up, we noticed Christopher coming home in a much better mood.  He apparently has been ready to move up and was happy with the change. 
He really is growing up too fast!  We can't wait to see what the holiday season has in store for us this year, especially since Christopher likes to test the limits and see what he can get away with.  Yes; we have already hit terrible twos!  Luckily we have learned what sets Chrsitopher off.  When we go out, we try to avoid those triggers and we tend to have a pretty happy camper.  One of those triggers is trying to get Chrisotpher to sit in a high chair at a restaurant.  We no longer try and just let him sit in a chair like we do.  At school he now has a table and chair his size that he sits at for meals and snacks, so he wants nothing different when we go out to eat.
Before he moved up to the Ducks room, Christopher was still a Doodlebug.  One of his teachers, Ms. Lisa, was telling us the requirements to move up to become a Duck - the kids have to sit at a table, be able to feed themselves, and know four signs.  Ms. Lisa was asked the Duck teachers to see if Christopher needed to accomplish anything else.  When they said he only needed to know four signs, she was proud to say that he knows all 50 signs that they had in the room.  Come to find out, she had even asked the front desk for another book of signs so Christopher wouldn't get bored.  So apparently our child knows about 60 signs.  Stephen and I will occasionally have to go look up what a sign means to understand what Christopher is trying to tell us.  I will say that I am grateful for the schools teaching young children sign language.  We avoid a lot of frustration because Christopher can communicate with us before he can clearly talk.
So getting down to the rumor...
Along with our first camping trip as a family last week, we also shared some pretty exciting news with the rest of our families and are happy to share it with you all.
Did you look closely at Christopher's shirt?  Did you look at the LA Tech red and blue writing?  That's right!  Number 2 is on the way!  Baby #2 is due March 30th (Yep; another March baby).  We are very excited and are trying to get Christopher used to the idea of another baby around.  So far he knows the baby is in my tummy and he loves giving my tummy kisses.  Although, he obviously doesn't grasp the concept yet.  So be on the lookout for new blogs updating you on the progress of Peanut #2, and of course the updates on Christopher!