Our Little Doodlebug

posted Feb 8, 2012, 7:02 PM by Stephen Zenter   [ updated Feb 9, 2012, 5:18 AM ]
Today we celebrate 11 months of fun with our little man! Although a bit cliché, time really does seem to fly. Following our last update here, Christopher has become quite the walker. Four weeks ago he proved that walking from point A to B was not so hard (more on how this affected the bigger picture later). Soon after, he learned to pick up toys and carry them along. It took him just about a week or two to learn how to stand up on his own without holding onto something sturdy. It was at that point there was no holding him back! Christopher is into everything and follows us around the house from room to room. We often find him in other rooms in just a few seconds of having our backs turned. It's very hard for us to keep up!

He not only keeps us on our toes by walking around on his, but we have enjoyed some new fun with Christopher as well. He loves some peek-a-boo and now hides himself and waits for us to look for him. Bath time is more fun than ever, since he has learned to splash even bigger and lets out huge belly laughs about it all. While Astro has been spending a little more time locked in his kennel these days healing from some leg wounds, Christopher has learned who Luna is. When you ask him, "Where's Luna?" he points right to her. His favorite part of meal time is now sharing his food with her. One piece for me, one piece for her! He also loves when we sing a little "Pat-a-Cake." OK... so a lot of it! We learned last week that he recognizes the song well and claps his hands as you sing it. He has now learned to start clapping and wait for us to start singing it to him.

The big news for February though is Christopher's move from the Bear room to join the Doodlebugs! As soon as he started getting around on his own two feet, the day care started his transition. He is now in a room with eleven other little ones that Christopher can look up to.

But have you ever seen a doodlebug? Maybe the term conjures cute images of little curly-tentacled ladybugs or something. A quick
Google search for the term will prove differently. Regardless of what a doodlebug really is - Christopher is definitely enjoying time with the bigger kids, eating a lot of new foods with his four teeth, and playing outside.