One Month Old!

posted Apr 8, 2011, 6:27 PM by Sara Zenter

Wow, I cannot believe that Christopher is already a month old.   People told me that this time would fly by....I guess they were right. 


So much has happened in the past month.  Let’s see if I can mention some of the highlights.  Christopher has gotten so much bigger (recent pictures are in his album) and he is really starting to fill out.  His little cheeks are getting chubby and his newborn clothes are starting to get small.  Christopher has also gotten 2 real baths so far - the first one didn't go very well since he was really hungry.  The second one went very well!  He was a little cranky and the minute we put him in the water - he just went calm.  I guess he likes baths, just like his Mommy :)  Christopher also got to meet some of my co-workers when I brought him to MRI's Main Office to help out with the Easter baskets.  He will get to meet more of my co-workers and Stephen's as well when I bring him to JSC for another co-worker's baby shower (and she is having a boy too!).  Most of the nights, I only have to get up once for a feeding (usually between 3 and 4) with Christopher going to bed around 10.  At 4 weeks old, I am very happy with this!  And I love it when I can get around a 5-hour stretch of sleep :)


I am healing wonderfully and I feel great!  I will say that having a c-section was harder than I realized, but I think I have been doing great since coming home from the hospital.  It did take me a couple of weeks to feel most like myself and where I could actually get around without Stephen's help.  I was so grateful that Stephen took off 2 weeks to help me!  It was a blessing! 


In the next few weeks, we will be going into Shreveport for Easter.  This is when Christopher will get to meet all of the family :)  And to get ready for this, our pediatrician has requested he get his 2-month shots early and before we head into Shreveport. 


Christopher and I have 4 more weeks together before he starts daycare and I go back to work.  These next 4 weeks are going to fly by just like the past 4 have done.  We are going to look up and he will be a year old!!  I can't believe it is going by so quickly and I'm ready to see what the future has in store for us!!