Oh Boy!.. or Girl?

posted Oct 16, 2010, 6:32 PM by Sara Zenter   [ updated Oct 17, 2010, 7:51 AM ]
We haven't posted in quite a while, and a lot has happened in that time.  In late September, Stephen successfully completed his 7 month role as Increment 23 and 24 Lead.  I will let him blog about that on a different  post...
Since the 12-week post, I have had three doctors appointments.  At our 14-week check-up everything sounded great.  This past week, we had the 18-week check-up.  Everything sounded great at that check-up too.  At these check-ups, the doctor listens to the heartbeat for a couple of minutes, checks my weight, and makes sures I haven't had any complications.  It is always good to hear Peanut's heartbeat and know everything is still going great.
Wednesday (10/13/10) marked the 18-week ultrasound.  This was a very important ultrasound because Stephen and I would be able to find out if Peanut is a girl or boy.  For this ultrasound, my doctor sends all her patients to a high-risk doctor no matter if they are high-risk or not (not to worry anyone that I am at high-risk, since I am thankfully not).  Knowing this day was coming, Stephen started planning how we would tell our families if we would be having a boy or girl.  I was pretty indifferent about the situation, so he took the planning into his own hands.  We had originally asked all of our parents and siblings to go out to dinner and we would give them a "call."  Instead, my sister-in-law Julie would be bringing the grandmothers a box with either girl clothes or boy clothes and letting them opening it at the dinner table.  Well, dinner plans didn't work out like we had hoped.  So on Wednesday when we learned not everyone could go, we started trying to figure out how we could tell everyone at the same time - and trust me, that is impossible!  Julie got called off work that day, so she decided to go to lunch with the Zenters and tell Stephen's parents at lunch.  She then drove out to my parents' house to give them their gift to open!  We owe Julie so much for doing that for us!  And we know she was just as excited to share the news as we were.
At the doctor's appointment we waited for an hour in the waiting room.  The doctor's appointment was scheduled for 10:30, but we weren't called back until 11:30.  The entire time, Stephen and I were wondering how Julie would have enough time to get everything together and meet the Zenters for lunch.  When we were finally in the room and everybody was ready for the ultrasound, it literally took no more than a few seconds for the technician to determine if it was a boy or girl.  Almost everybody had told me, we were having a girl.  There were three people who didn't, Derek, Mrs. Zenter and Julie.  Well, those three people were right........ Stephen and I are having a boy!  We were pretty much indifferent about what we wanted, as long as he or she would be healthy.  So when we were told we were having a boy, all I could think about was how to decorate the room and the fact that we could do a space theme. :-)  The other thing that went through my head was how we would break the news to Astro that he isn't going to be our only "Little Boy" anymore.  Don't worry, he took the news well.  His tail wagged the entire time Stephen talked with him about having a brother and got excited about having someone to help hunt for frogs in the backyard. 
The appointment lasted around 45 minutes, and we received so many pictures.  We didn't realize how technologically advances the ultrasound equipment was compared to my normal doctor's office.  The technician and the doctor were able to take a lot of measurements and make sure he was healthy.  Everything measured normally and our son is a very healthy baby!  He has both legs and feet, both arms and hands, and we were able to count toes and fingers on one hand and foot and each had 5 as normal!  He also weighed 9 oz.  The technician and doctor also stated that they saw no issues with Peanut and is developing normally!
Once our families found out, then came the next question......do you have a name?  We have been debating this for a while now.  And when we finally found out we were having a boy, we truly couldn't decide between two of our favorite names.  Well, I am happy to say, after long conversations, that we have finally determined the name of our first child.  Are you ready to know?  Well, Christopher Allen will be born in March! 
I also believe I have started feeling him move now - once I really understood what I was looking to feel.  And trust me, Christopher is a very squirmy baby.  Every time we have done an ultrasound, he was always moving.  During the latest ultrasound, he wouldn't stay still for longer than a couple of seconds.  I believe once he is born, we are going to have our hands full!
We are very excited and ready to meet our son in March.  Stephen has already uploaded the newest ultrasound pictures in the photo album, so please go see them!