Oh Boy!

posted Dec 1, 2012, 6:54 PM by Sara Zenter   [ updated Dec 1, 2012, 7:26 PM ]

Back in late October we went in for our anatomy ultrasound.  Our original appointment wasn’t until Nov 6th, but we were able to get it moved up a week.  Keeping the change quiet allowed us to surpise the family a little later.


Stephen ended up getting food poisoning (or some kind of a stomach bug) that day.  Along with that, we kept Christopher home due to a fever from teething.  So there I was stuck at home with a sick husband and a child that is running around like crazy, supposedly “sick.”  When the time to leave for the appointment rolled around,  Stephen decided he could handle going (not like he really had a choice), so I piled everyone in the car and headed to drop Christopher off at day care.  We got to the doctor’s office, and Stephen waited in the car until I was called back.  After almost an hour and a half of waiting and close to no battery left on my phone, time came to see if Peanut #2 is a boy or girl!

Well, we are happy to announce that we are having another  little boy! 

(Yes I know, I am way behind on blog posts since this news hit Facebook in early November.

Since we were the only ones that had our news in hand at the time, we decided to surprise the family when we went in to Shreveport for a friend’s wedding.  We tried to get both sets of grandparents out to dinner at the same time, but that just never seems to work out!  We were able to tell one set at dinner and the other set after dinner.  The fun part was that we wrote”It’s a Boy!” across my stomach with a blue marker (Luckily I haven’t gained too much weight, so it wasn’t too bad to show them!).  A few weeks before I had  an apparent allergic reaction to something on my forehead.  So we used that as the excuse to ask the family to, “Look at my belly!” J  They were pleasantly surprised, and everyone was excited (like we didn’t expect that already) that we are having a baby boy.


We can’t wait to meet our little boy in March!