Is That a Tooth??...Already?

posted Aug 4, 2011, 9:04 AM by Sara Zenter

Well, as I mentioned above, Christopher is starting to get his first tooth!  His lower front left tooth to be exact.  Last weekend after I picked him up early from school, we gave him Tylenol and tried to figure out what was going on with him.  When I got him home, he was happy and playing like nothing was wrong.  But to be sure, Christopher and I didn’t go to Ellington Field with Stephen for the crew return home ceremony (which apparently was hot and miserable).   So while Daddy was away, Christopher ate and took a nap.  He ate normally and seemed to not have a stomach bug like we had originally thought.  He was fussy and wanted to chew on anything he could get his hands on… maybe he is teething?  Well, we put his pacifiers in the fridge and would give him cold pacifiers during the day and night when he wanted one.   We also put him to bed a little earlier on Friday thinking he could use the sleep.  Well, he was up a lot during the night Friday and Saturday!  I mean, like every hour after 12am each night.  But come Sunday, he was happier and getting to be back to himself, a little.  So I try to investigate when he was napping and to my surprise, there was a little white piece poking through his gum.  So I show Stephen and he agrees, it looks like a tooth!  Well, when I was at the doctor on Monday, I got her to look and give me her opinion.  Yes, it looks like he has his first tooth coming out!!!  There is very little poking through, but if you can get him to move his tongue and keep his mouth open, you can definitely see it!


Our little man is growing up so fast!