posted Aug 4, 2011, 9:06 AM by Sara Zenter

Hugs needed his own blog J  I know I’ve mentioned Hugs before in blogs and on Facebook, but I’ve never really told you about him.  One of the gifts we got was a monkey lovey that says “I love hugs” made by Carters and sold at Target.  Well, when Christopher was old enough, we would give it to him to play with; along with some of his other animals and toys.  Well, it didn’t take long for us to realize that this was his favorite toy.  And knowing this, we made the effort to go look for another one every time we were at Target and they never had them.  Well the last time we looked, it seemed they were discontinuing the collection or getting the fall line in the stores.  So that put a little panic in us – what if no one has another one of these things?!?  So after looking on line and deciding we weren’t going to pay $30 + shipping for another Hugs, we enlisted my mom to look at their Target for one.  Since she was going there that day, she would look for us.  And sure enough, they had one (well 4).  So what does my mom do, she gets two of them of us!!  So now my panic is gone and we will have an extra Hugs on hand in case something happens to the current one or it just needs to be washed and Christopher just can’t part without it.

Okay, now back to the reason why I wanted to give Hugs his own blog.  When you have a child and they have a favorite toy, you see it in their face and you know you can’t go anywhere without it!  And that definitely goes for Hugs!  When Christopher sees Hugs or you hand it to him, he gets the biggest grin and reaches out for him!  It really is the cutest thing.  So Hugs now rides in the car to school with Christopher, stays with Mommy and Daddy at work (well in the car ;) and rides home from school with Christopher.  Hugs also takes naps with Christopher, gets slobbered on, chewed on, and definitely coughed and sneezed on.  Hugs is also about to get a freezer bedtime to help kill the germs, so I don’t have to wash him every other day – just haven’t tried that yet.  I even think Hugs is held half the time when Christopher is being fed.  And lately, Hugs gets just as much of the breathing treatment as Christopher does.  Which makes me think, do they make masks for toys so maybe Christopher will feel better about having one on his face?? Hmmm…

Anyway, as you can see, Hugs is definitely a favorite of Christopher’s and I just wanted to share that with everyone.