Houston Baby Shower

posted Feb 13, 2011, 7:13 PM by Sara Zenter   [ updated Feb 16, 2011, 5:38 AM ]

Last Saturday (2/5), our friends Elizabeth and Pam threw me a shower down here in Houston.  Elizabeth and Pam went with our "Space Theme" and threw an extremely cute and sweet shower.  Elizabeth's house was cutely decorated with all kinds of items that Christopher will be using.  You can find the pictures in our album to see all the fun!


I'm going to go back to the beginning of the week before the shower.  On Monday, we started getting word that Houston and Shreveport would be getting snow and ice toward the end of the week.  I say Shreveport too because our parents were to come in on Friday and Saturday.  We took the predication with a grain of salt, but I was hoping for the colder weather :)  Come Thursday, well the cold hit and I was one happy person.  Then it did start sleeting and we were told JSC would be closed on Friday due to the ice.  Stephen and I thought, well we get a day to sleep in!  And that we did.  But what we didn't realize was the fact that Shreveport and along 59 got ice and a lot of snow.  We just got a little ice that stuck around until around 12pm - then it just melted and that is all we saw.  But our parents and family saw a lot more snow - I had just wished we could have seen some snow too.  Stephen's parents ventured out to come down here around 3pm on Friday.  My parents were going to leave Saturday morning around 8am.  They all had to drive very carefully, but I am happy to say that our families made it down here to help me celebrate Christopher again.


Elizabeth and Pam had several fun things planned for this shower.  Knowing that I had two previous showers, they wanted to do something different.  After eating, which has become one of my favorite things to do lately; we played a couple of games.  The first game we played was a take on scrabble.  We used baby blocks to build words.  Surprisingly (mainly because I can't spell), my team won :)  We came up with several words, two of them being "baby" words.  There are two pictures in our album that show which words we came up with!  The second game we played was a take on Pictionary.  We used play-Doh to build baby items that were written on pieces of paper.  It got interesting and fun trying to build strollers, bassinets, and baby toys out of play-Doh.  We then moved on to the wonderful cake, we moved on to the presents!  Christopher once again received a ton of wonderful items from our wonderful friends and family!!  Thank you to all who were able to come.


Stephen and I go back to the doctor tomorrow, Monday 2/14.  We get to see Christopher once again and hopeful he has turned and isn't breech anymore (but don't count on it).  We are hoping to know more about when his arrival will be as well!  I will update you tomorrow!!