Happy Father's Day!

posted Jul 7, 2010, 4:56 PM by Sara Zenter
Yes, I know!  This is almost a month overdue!  I do promise, I will start updating sooner :)
But for Father's Day weekend, Stephen and I made our way to Shreveport.  This trip was a little different than most, mainly because our friend Stacey was in town!!  We haven't seen Stacey since we graduated Tech 5 years ago.  But also, because we really didn't have anything planned.
We got in late evening on Friday.  We stayed at my Mom and Dad's and visited with them before going to bed.  We got up Saturday and went to the Farmer's Market in downtown Shreveport to eat beignets (not as good as New Orleans, but good) and buy some Ruston peaches (which made awesome peach cobbler!).  We then made our way to one of Stephen and my favorite restaurants in Shreveport, Monjunis!  I miss that place.  But not only did we get good food, we got to catch up with Stacey.  So much has changed since we graduated.  She and Brian have a son now!  And he is a cutie.  What was nice, being able to talk about what I do and have someone completely understand it because they are an IE as well, is always nice :)
Once we were done stuffing ourselves, we made our way to Derek and Andrea's for swimming with my family.  Mom and Dad brough Astro when they came...this was the first time Astro has been in a pool.  Millie, my parents' dachshund absolutely loves to swim!  So we were wondering how well Astro would do. He did pretty well too!  It took him a little while to get used to it and he loved floating on the raft.  He did finally jump off and swim to Stephen.  We plan to get him a life vest for the next time we go swimming.  I think he will enjoy it much better!
And on top of being able to spend time with my family, we learned a week earlier that Derek and Andrea are expecting their first child!!  We are so happy and anxiously awaiting to hear more!
Saturday evening, we made our way to the Zenters' house to celebrate Dad Zenter's birthday and Father's Day with the Zenters.  It was fun being able to spend time with everyone, especially our nephew, Benjamin!  He is growing up so quickly.  Also being able to spend time with Stephen's younger brother Thomas is always enjoyable!  I still can't believe he is practicing football for Loyola and will be a freshman in the fall!  Everyone is growing up so quickly :)
Please find pictures from our swimming adventure in our photos!