Happy Birthday to... Sara!

posted Mar 17, 2010, 5:42 PM by Stephen Zenter
Yesterday marked Sara's 27th year of filling the world with happiness.  The celebration started Saturday when Sara's mom and dad arrived to spend some time with us.  As a surpise for them, we took a tour of the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility onsite at JSC.  This is where all astronauts train to live and work in the Space Shuttles and Space Station.  After sitting in the seat of Shuttle pilots and commanders, walking through the Space Station, and learning how astronauts use the bathroom in space, we all went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science to see Hubble 3D.  The movie was quite impressive and gave a feeling that we were flying around the universe through the eyes of the most advanced telescope in existence (celebrating 20 years, in fact)!  Saturday evening we enjoyed a nice celebration dinner at Cullen's.
On Sunday many of our friends met at one of our favorite restaurants, Lupe Tortilla, to celebrate not only Sara's birthday but our friend, Pam's, birthday as well.  Pam celebrates every April 15th.  It's hard to beat friends and fajitas!  Of course, we enjoyed a night out to dinner yesterday for Sara's favorite food - Italian.  Sara was quite excited when opening her gifts.  She not only received the book and album from the Broadway musical Wicked, but we will be going to see the musical when it comes to Hosuton in July.  In close competition will be shopping with her family when we are in Shreveport next month; no doubt the gift cards are already burning a hole in her pocket.  See pics from our weekend fun in the album.
Work is keeping us both very busy, so it is nice to take some time to celebrate with friends and family.  We will spend the next week preparing for the 32nd annual JSC Chili Cook-off.  We are both very excited for the May 1 event.  Sara is the team captain for the Toucan Chili team, composed of the MRI Technologies employees, and I will again be cooking the competition grub.