Happy Birthday Stephen!

posted Mar 1, 2011, 7:24 PM by Sara Zenter
Today marks Stephen's 27th birthday!!  And I would have to say, he has had a wonderful birthday.  It started out with breakfast at Einstein's.  We then went to work and went for lunch at a place called Twin Peaks - which is like Hooters :)  Yes, I went with him to help him celebrate his birthday lunch.  Then at his branch meeting, he received a pretty impressive nomination for his increment lead work and ULF-4 lead work.  The nomination is considered the Academy Awards of space :)  The nomination is for a Rotary Club Stellar award.  How impressive is that??
After such an exciting day at work, we met some friends for dinner.  Stephen chose where he wanted to go eat, which of course was mexican!  We met our friends and family at Lupe Tortilla.  Our friend Todd wouldn't take no cake for an answer, so he went to Dairy Queen and picked up an ice cream cake for Stephen :)  Stephen was happy to have a cake and we were excited that we got to spend another birthday with our friends and family.
On a side note in baby news - Christopher is still baking :)  We are 7 days away from having the scheduled surgery.  There is still a chance he could come early, which has me a little stressed.  Only stressed because I want to work until this Friday and then do what has been scheduled.  But keep looking to our blog for updates!  If we make it to Monday, we go back for our last appointment and then our pre-op appointment and finish getting ready for the delivery of Christopher!!
Happy Birthday to the best man I know, Stephen!!  I love you and I am so happy, excited, and proud for/of you!!