Growth Scan!

posted Jan 5, 2011, 3:47 PM by Sara Zenter
Stephen and I went for my 30 weeks appointment and growth scan.  The growth scan was really scheduled so Stephen and I could see Christopher again, since it has been about 3 months since the last time.  We were really excited to see him again.  In the scan, we learned that he is actually measruing a week ahead of his due date.  So I am really 31.4 weeks along today; not 30.4 as originally thought.  They are not changing the due date, but we know it will be sometime in March :)  Christopher is also 3 lbs 14 oz and is 64th percentile.  Which means that he shouldn't be much more than 7 lbs when he is born.  He was also head up and butt down; therefore he is breeched.  The doctor didn't seem too worried and said he has plenty of time to turn.  The technician did state that they would have liked to see him turn by now, but that I will definitely feel him move now.  So he has around 9.5 weeks to turn - let's just hope that he does turn.  Christopher also had his feet around his head, so we weren't able to know how long he really is.  But everything did look great, we are still having a boy, and he is still healthy!
We did get some more ultrasound pictures and they are already uploaded into the Ultrasound file.  So please feel free to see how big he has gotten.  The quality isn't as good as others, but you can still make out what you are looking at.
The following picture is a profile picture.