Friday July 8, 2011

posted Jul 8, 2011, 7:38 PM by Sara Zenter   [ updated Jul 9, 2011, 10:54 PM by Stephen Zenter ]
As I sit here listening to Christopher's monitor, the events of today keep springing up in my mind.  So, since I am the only one up - Stephen is taking a nap before he goes in for his first shift of the mission, and Christopher has been asleep for almost an hour - I figured the best thing to do was blog!
I couldn't think of any better title than today's date.  And what better title since today's date will be going down in the history books.  So lets start with why that is...
JSC employees and family can view the launch on the big screen in the Teague Auditorium.  So this morning, Stephen picked me up and we headed there.  We got there about 9:10 and the place was already starting to fill up.  By 9:30/9:45 there wasn't an open seat any where!  We sat anixously because there was only a 30% chance of a "Go" for today due to bad weather.  Well, as the final "Go for Launch" was being polled, everyone was a "Go;" even the weather for emergency return to KSC- which the team had a waiver in place for.  So the T-9 minutes countdown started.  We made it to T-31 seconds when there was a failure and a launch hold.  The failure was fixed pretty quickly and the countdown resumed.  And the engines were lit and Atlantis launched for the last time.  It was the last launch of the shuttle program and it was extremely bittersweet.  As we launched, the Teague Auditorium became so quiet.  Looking around, you could see people wiping tears from their eyes and the mood became very somber.  Stephen and I still sat very anxiously with tears in our eyes waiting for the external tank to separate from the shuttle.  Once that happened, we knew everything was okay and we started to head out the door.  We even got some flags and shuttle memorabelia to hand down to Christopher!
So that leads me into this afternoon.  Today marks Christopher's 4 month birthday.  Our little man is already 4 months old!!  He is growing up so fast and seems to change everyday.  He also is amazing us with his new milestones everyday.  We took him to the doctor for his 4-month well child check up.  He is now 26.75 inches long (91%), 13lbs 12oz (16%), and his head circumference was 16.75 inches (47%).  I understand why they do the percentages, but I don't really know how they come up with them nor do I really care about them.  What I do care about is the fact that Christopher is healthy and growing on his curve perfectly.  He is a very lean and long baby!  Maybe that means he will be tall like his Daddy :)  Christopher also did very well with his shots.  He did cry when he got the shots in his thighs and a little afterwards, but he went to sleep on the way home and pretty much slept the rest of the afternoon and evening.  When we were on our way back home from dinner, he did get a little fussy.  So as Stephen went to take a nap, I went ahead and gave Christopher his bath and bottle even though it was about 30 minutes ahead of his normal bedtime schedule.  We figured the 30 minutes wouldn't matter since he had such a dramatic afternoon.  Christopher was asleep by 9pm.  I am just hoping he stays asleep until 7 :)