Free-Range Children

posted Dec 19, 2011, 7:02 PM by Stephen Zenter   [ updated Dec 20, 2011, 5:50 PM ]
Before you go off and call CPS on us, don't worry; Sara and I do not let Christopher roam freely in search of his own food.  One might, however, take a look at how active he is and wonder why we don't implement something like the Superyard.  This kid is seriously hard to catch!  The curiosity of a nine-month old has led Christopher to start getting into cabinets, climb onto the fireplace hearth and into dog beds, and unplug things from the outlets.  It is amazing to watch him absorb his environment.  Of course we don't mind if he gets in a little trouble either... as long as he is safe, of course!  I am personally a visual learner, so a couple of weeks ago I grabbed a few screenshots while monitoring him on the "nanny cam" at day care.
We will start with this one.  Christopher is the one in the orange shirt and blue pants.  Here he is visiting a friend in the exercauser.  He does this quite often; I guess he has a busy social agenda.
In the two minutes that followed, he crawled about ten feet over to the bookshelves and found a toy to play with.  He carried this toy to the carpet and played with it, then crawled over to the rocking chair.  As you can see in this next shot, he has now made his way back to his friend in the exercauser.  I'm still not sure what they were talking about.
Here we see he has made his way back to the front of the room and is playing with another friend.  They shared some conversation and another toy before Christopher decided to crawl back to the shelves and play some more by himself for a couple of minutes (Yes; he is responsible for the scattered toys in the lower right-hand corner).  Total time elapsed thus far: about five minutes.
Next, Christopher spent some time visiting with Ms. Aarian. 
He talked to her for a while before again visiting his friend in the exercauser.  Total time of activity: about eight minutes.
Although Christopher may be a busy-body, Sara and I get so much enjoyment by watching him play at day care.  We get even more enjoyment by interacting with him at home.  He laughs a lot and shows off his two bottom teeth (He thinks Daddy is the the funniest).  He has learned to wave and say, "Hi!" to other people.  He looks for you in other rooms of the house and is even learning to walk if you let go of him.  He loves the dogs, and he spends hours at a time playing with his toys.  Christopher is constantly growing and learning, and Sara and I could not be any happier to grow and learn with him!