Creepy Crawler

posted Oct 20, 2011, 1:18 PM by Stephen Zenter
As Halloween approaches, Sara and I cannot help but notice those creepy things crawling around.  While not as much creepy as he is cute, Christopher is definitely mobile!

As the typical progression of a six-month-old goes, we found Christopher sitting up on his knees more and moving his arms and legs in an attempt to go somewhere.  When he learned to move himself in a 360-degree circle using his arms and legs, we knew it wouldn't be much longer before he was truly crawling.  He actually found this to be pretty useful while playing at home and school.  After just a few spins around on the floor, he would end up with a circle of toys at arms reach.  This provided much entertainment, as he would circle around from toy to toy and play for a while.

Half way through his sixth month of life, Christopher seemed to be coordinated enough to get somewhere.  He never got very far before getting tired and frustrated.  But just a week later, he was on the move.  While on a trip by myself to Shreveport one weekend, Sara surprised me with a video of him crawling through our bedroom and following her.  I was so impressed, I could not wait to get home and see it for myself!  Surprisingly enough, in just a few days he was making his way from room to room and chasing after the dogs.  I must admit that he is a loud crawler.  His hands and feet don't make too much noise, but he is constantly making a grunting sound as he makes his way around.  The sound is somewhere between a moan and a laugh.  It's how we measure his excitement for where he is trying to go.

Now there is no stopping him.  He gets through the house as fast as a rabbit, and he loves to visit and play with Astro and Luna.  He pulls himself up on everything possible (and some things we never thought possible).  He loves to crawl to his toy box and dig through it for something that lights up and makes noise.  At a little over seven months old, Christopher is providing us with lots of fun and entertainment.  He loves to find the dog bowls, the dog bones, and the dog beds.  He crawls into the kitchen and stares at himself in the dishwasher front and loves to look at himself in the mirror.  Bath time continues to be his favorite time of the day.  Daddy giving Christopher a bath gets as wet as Christopher does.  It is impossible not to smile when he splashes at you and then laughs about it.  His latest discovery is that he can stand in his crib and wait on someone to come see him. 

Watching him play at school and interacting with the other kids (courtesy of the nanny-cams) is fun.  Sara typically finds him sound asleep when we get up in the morning, but she often finds him just smiling and waiting for someone to come get him after a nap.  It is hard to believe how quickly he grows and how fast time gets away from us.  We continue to be blessed with such a wonderful little boy, and we look forward to sharing more great moments with him.  You can see pictures of him in action in this album.