Christopher's Baptism

posted Jul 9, 2011, 6:55 PM by Sara Zenter   [ updated Jul 9, 2011, 11:11 PM by Stephen Zenter ]
The Gown
At the start of June, Stephen and I began our quest to search for the perfect gown for Christopher to wear for his baptism.  You would think that there would be plenty of plain gowns for little boys to wear, especially in the city of Houston.  Well think again!  We found so many suits for the boys to wear and very girly dresses, but no plain dress or gown.  So we started looking online and finally heard about a shop in League City that we were going to go to in search of this gown.  But that all changed when I got a call from Zennie.  She read on Facebook about how we thought the gown Stephen was christened in had yellowed and that is why we couldn't use it.  But much to our surprise, it wasn't!!  So, we immediately asked for it and she sent it down to Houston that week.  Uncle Eric brought it over to us, and sure enough it was perfect.  We tried it on Christopher and the gown fit!  Stephen and I were so excited.  We finally had a gown for the christening.  And on top of that, it was the gown that Uncle Eric, Daddy, and Uncle Thomas wore when they were christened AND Daddy's Zennie (Stephen's grandmother) actually made it for them.  It was a replica of a very expensive gown she saw in a store. 
You may ask why we were so set on him getting christened in a gown.  Well, it is very traditional for all babies to be christened in a gown in the Catholic Church.  But we also wanted something we could use again for our second child; especially if that child happens to be a girl (but the chances of that happening a slim to none, given the Zenter track record ;)
The Christening
On Sunday July 3rd, Christopher was baptized at St. Bernadette Church here in Clear Lake.  We had wonderful support of family and friends to share in one of the most important days of his life.  After long discussions, we made the decision to have Uncle Eric and Aunt Julie to be Christopher's Godparents.  Zennie and Uncle Thomas came down on Saturday to help Stephen and me with the preparations.  Gran, Pop Bass, and Pop Zenter came down Sunday and made it just in time for Mass at 11.  Aunt Pam, Uncle Garry, cousin Stephen, and Maw (my grandmother) came down Sunday as well and were already at Mass when we got there.  In the middle of Mass, we look back and Uncle Clifford had arrived as well.  We are so grateful to all of them for coming and making the long trip.  We had plenty of friends that we consider our "family" down here that came as well.  Ms. Georgia, Mr. Andy, their children Andrew and Caroline, Mr. Eric, Ms. Jenn, and their children Sydney and Scott, Ms. Pam, Ms. Heather, and Mr. Todd were all in attendance to see him be baptized (and sorry if I missed anyone!)  The ceremony started at 12:30 and was officiated by Fr. Bob.  There was only one other child, a little boy named Noah, who was also baptized on Sunday.  It was a very intimate occasion considering there were only 2 children being baptized that Sunday.  After the ceremony was over, we had everyone over to our house for a reception.  Christopher received some very nice gifts, which we never expected!  So thank you to everyone who sent one :)
The rest of the weekend
Sunday evening we went out with all the family that had traveled to Houston.  We (of no surprise) decided to take them to Chuys, a very good Mexican restaurant.  (Please note:  Before I was pregnant, Stephen had to twist my arm to go eat Mexican food.  And I would never even think about eating it more than once a week, maybe not even once every 2 weeks.  During the pregnancy, I started to really enjoy Mexican food, and we started eating it at least once a week.  Well, that liking for the food as stuck with me, and I now even ask to go eat it.  Let's just say, this makes Stephen very happy!!)  It seemed that everyone enjoyed the food and enjoyed getting to visit with us before they all headed off on Monday.
We are so grateful Christopher finally got to meet the last of my family over the weekend, and we can't wait to have everyone see how much he has already changed!