Christopher Goes Camping

posted Sep 4, 2012, 5:45 PM by Stephen Zenter
To close out the end of the warm summer, we took Christopher on his first camping trip.  We spent a day in Shreveport visiting Sara's side of the family.  Christopher enjoyed seeing Gran, Pop and his cousin Cadence.  He found Gran's garden bee entertaining and enjoyed a little time on the swing, even if it was raining.
On Friday afternoon we headed out on our camping trip.  The location - Garland Scout Ranch in Stonewall, Louisiana - Daddy's old stompin' grounds.  I was so proud to not only share the camping experience with my little boy but even more proud to share it at a place where I learned so much myself and spent so much time through the years.  As soon as we got out of the car, Christopher took off through the grass and squealed with excitement.
Christopher ran around all weekend and seemed to love every moment.  From picking up sticks to trying to run into the lake, the kid was asolutely fearless.  He kept us busy all weekend but surprised us at how much he loved bugs.  He found a katydid and picked it right up and laughed at it... until it clenched its little prickly legs into Christopher's finger.  Christopher really loved spending lots of time with Zennie and Pop at the ranch.  They laughed and played and enjoyed swimming and jumping in the pool.
As expected, Zenter family camping trips always seem to have their interesting moments.  As soon as we got settled in on Friday evening, the electricity went out.  I know, electricity is not exactly a camping essential.  However, the temperature was in the 90's with humidity levels to match.  When you're spending the weekend with little kids in small cabins, you need it.  It was restored several hours later, which meant we enjoyed Christopher's company for a few hours past his bedtime.  Sara also found out that our cabin was infested with fire ants, when I woke on Saturday morning with bites up my neck and back.  They had invaded our sheets while we slept, which meant we had to make a move to a different spot.  Fortunately, Christopher was spared the ants and enjoyed his first time fishing... a whole two minutes of it.  He also took his first ride around the lake in a row boat powered by Daddy.
We toted our bikes out to camp, and Christopher was able to finally get to ride in his new iBert seat.  I was nervous taking him out for a ride, but he would scream "Weeee!" while we rode down the hill.  We had a great time and hope to make this a Zenter family tradition.  Thanks to Zennie, Pop, Uncle Thomas, Uncle Eric, Aunt Julie, and Benjamin for making our weekend exciting.  Next time, we'll be in tents!
Unfortunately, I really dropped the ball on getting a lot of pictures of our weekend.  We were having too much fun. 
I did get a few more in this album and was able to snap one of our moon rise on Saturday night.