Catching Up

posted Jun 18, 2013, 11:35 AM by Sara Zenter   [ updated Jun 18, 2013, 1:46 PM by Stephen Zenter ]
A lot has happened in the 6 months since we posted!  I cannot believe we have let 6 months go by without a single post.  Here is our summary:

December - Christmas
Christmas was a lot more fun this year with Christopher being able to open presents and get excited about the gifts.  Zennie, Pop Z, and Uncle Thomas drove down from Shreveport to spend Christmas with us and Uncle Eric, Aunt Julie, Benjamin, and Emily.  We were excited that this was the first year that we stayed at our house to have Christmas.  Christopher opened every gift so happily and was excited about everything.  After he opened each one, he shouted, "Oh wow!"  In typical kid fashion, he threw the clothes to the side and went straight for the toys or books.  Trust me, this kid doesn't need another toy!  We traveled to Shreveport a couple days after Christmas to celebrate with my family.  And of course, Christopher was thrilled to see everyone and open more gifts.
Here are a few pictures.  There are many more of our Christmas fun in this album.

January - Becoming a Big Boy
The first weekend in January, we took a trip to Ikea.  Instead of buying a new crib set, we decided to move Christopher into a big boy bed.  We found a wonderful bed with a ledge low enough on all sides for Christopher to step on to climb into bed.  We also picked up shelving to house all the toys Christopher has accumulated.  Christopher enjoyed running around the store and then riding on the boxes as we were leaving!  Little did he know what those boxes held.

We replaced our guest room with Christopher's big boy room.  Stephen put the furniture together, and we decorated the room.  It still has a rocket theme to it but is now done in red and blue (La Tech colors, of course) instead of the green and brown.  Christopher has thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in his new bed!  He quickly realized that he can get out of his bed...  So we will find him standing next to our bed at all hours of the night!  He has also enjoyed when Daddy sleeps with him; little does he know that Daddy sleeps with him just to get some rest :-)

February - Work changes and Dinosaurs
February brought a lot of change for me personally.  Due to contract awarding, I had to switch companies.  I now work for Booz Allen Hamilton.  It has been really hard to leave my MRI family behind and say goodbye to people as they have found better opportunities.  But that's all I will post on work!

We were able to take Christopher to the Houston Museum of Natural Science to see the dinosaurs and butterflies.  This child loves animals!  He really enjoyed seeing all the exhibits; but his favorite was walking around the butterfly exhibit to see the butterflies up close.  There are some more pictures from the museum in this album.

March - BIRTHdays!
Well, March 1st marked Stephen's birthday - his last year in the 20's ;-)  We celebrated with seafood since it fell on a Lenten Friday.  The next weekend marked Christopher's 2nd birthday!  The theme this year was Elmo!  Mommy found an Elmo shirt (yes, I found a big enough Elmo shirt for me!) that I could wear for his Elmo party.  We played pin the nose on Elmo and had an Elmo pinata!  Stephen, of course, did a wonderful job on the Elmo cake.  I can't wait to see what theme and cake Stephen makes for next year!  Here are some party pics; there are more in this album.

March 25th marked the birth of Andrew Craft Zenter!  He came in at 7 pounds 15 ounces and was 20.5" long.  He was bigger than I thought he would be, but he was just as beautiful as I expected.  Christoper took to Andrew without any issues.  Christopher visited us in the hospital and walked around like he owned the place every afternoon.  It was really sweet to see him react to having a brother.  It really didn't phase him - he just wanted more big brother gifts ;-)  There are lots of Andrew pictures in this album.

April - Spring is Here
This April was the first time in several years we didn't participate in the annual JSC chili cookoff.  It was bittersweet, but we knew we weren't going to do much participating since we had Andrew three weeks prior.  But that didn't stop us from going out and supporting MRI's Toucan Chili team!  We went out with both boys and visited with everyone.  It was nice to see everyone and relax.

April also brought my 30th birthday.  We celebrated at Chuy's (of course!) and it was extra special having both my boys with us!

May - Going Back to Work
This year's Mother's Day was even more special than ever!  We have our two boys - what I have always wanted.  To be able to spend the day with Stephen and the boys made my day.  It also helped that I hadn't started back at work.  Christopher made me a cookbook at school, and Stephen had Christopher paint me a heart-shaped box, which held a necklace with the boys names on it.

At the end of May, I returned to work, and Andrew started at daycare.  Christopher has loved having Andrew go to school with him.  Every day I go and get Andrew first, then I walk to get Christopher.  The minute Christopher sees us, he runs up and starts talking to Andrew.  I have never seen a little boy love his little brother so much or love on his little brother so much.  It is so sweet to watch!

There are LOTS of springtime pictures in this album!

June - Heartache
Whew!  Six months of catching up went by quick.  We are only half way through the month of June, but here what we have so far.
First some good news: Andrew has started sleeping through the night.  I don't mean the 6 hours you would consider through the night; I mean he sleeps from 8pm to 4/6am!  He averages 10 hours a night now!  Yay!  Now, if we could only get Christopher to sleep like that...

Stephen and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary yesterday.  It has been a blast being with him, and we both look forward to the future.

We have had our share of heartache that I am sure Stephen will want to dedicate an entire blog to.  Last week, we had to say goodbye to our beloved Astro - our "first-born," as we always referred to him as our own child.  He was more than just a dog to us, and it has been hard without him the past week.  It gets harder when Christopher asks about him and you try to explain that he was sick and had to go live in Heaven with God.  No matter what you tell a 2 year old, he just doesn't quite understand. 

So that I don't leave everyone on a sad note, here are some things we are looking forward to soon: We have a trip planned to San Antonio, we will be baptizing Andrew, taking Christopher to the beach for the first time, and meeting our new nephew Grayson in a few months.  Stay tuned, as I swear we will get back into this blogging thing!