Catching Up

posted Jul 5, 2011, 9:26 AM by Sara Zenter   [ updated Jul 6, 2011, 1:43 PM ]

I can't believe it has been 2 months since we last blogged!  So I figured I would catch everyone up on what has happened.  Then Stephen and I can go into more detail in a different blog for the events that we truly want to share with everyone.  So where do I even begin....


May (Month 2)

  • Christopher started school and I started back to work.  He is doing so well and really enjoying it!  Which has already been blogged about
  • We had to start using 6 month sleep-n-plays for Christopher because he became too long for his 3 month ones :)
  • Stephen and I went to his RNASA banquet.  Which you can read in a previous blog
  • I made my first trip to the doctor with Christopher for a cold (and what we think now is allergies)
  • Stephen and I were busy getting ready for the 33rd FOD Annual Chili Cook-off
  • Memorial Day Weekend, Zennie, Pop, and Uncle Thomas came down to visit.  We had family portraits (the three of us and the Zenter family) taken and Christopher did a wonderful job!!  (I believe you will be able to see them in our albums soon)
  • Christopher had his first school pictures taken and the one we kept was adorable. (I believe you will be able to see this one too in our albums soon)
  • We ran out of space on Picasa, which is why you haven't seen many pictures lately.
  • Stephen received an SFA (Space Flight Awareness) Award and we got to see the rollout of Atlantis and the landing of Endeavour; all at KSC (yes, I actually left Christopher for a couple of days!!).  You can count on a blog about this and the many, many pictures that were taken!!
  • Christopher started smiling!!
  • Christopher truly started recognizing Stephen and I

June (Month 3)

  • Christopher rolled over for the first time (and hasn't stopped since)
  • Christopher has started to try to crawl
  • Christopher smiles all the time now!
  • While we were at KSC, Christopher started sleeping through the night (he dropped his 3:30am feeding).  How lucky did Aunt Julie and Uncle Eric get!!  He now sleeps 9:15pm - 6:15am
  • Stephen and I left Christopher for the first time to visit KSC (as stated previously for May).
  • Stephen and I participated in the Chili Cook-off.  Gran and Pop came down and kept Christopher for us!
  • I took Christopher back to the doctor a couple more times for his cough and runny nose.  Once again, it was a cold.  Now we have been told, probably allergies.  They can't do anything about his allergies until he is 6 months old!
  • Christopher gave Gran, Pop, Mommy, and Daddy his cold :)
  • Christopher has a new favorite toy.  Stephen and I have named him "Hugs" and it is a monkey lovey. (and thanks to Gran for finding another one for a back up!!)
  • Christopher recognizes the dogs, Astro and Luna
  • Christopher recognizes his teachers at school and smiles at them.  He really does enjoy going :)
  • Christopher has started eating 5-6 ounces of milk/formula at each feeding
  • Stephen and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary.  (And a year ago that we found out we were pregnant with our little man)
  • Stephen and I attended his SFA awards reception
  • Christopher sat in his bumbo for the first time.  He still falls over, but he is getting better
  • Any toy that is in Christopher's hands will be put in his mouth
  • Christopher has started to reach for toys and grab them
  • Christopher talks up a storm! 
  • We are in trouble when he finally can move.  I guess we will need to start "baby proofing" the house.
  • Stephen and I learned that Christopher is a morning person
  • You can start to see Christopher's personality come out.

July (Month 4 - so far)

  • Family (Zennie, Pop, Uncle Thomas, Gran, Pop, Maw, Aunt Pam, Uncle Garry, Stephen, and Uncle Clifford) came in for the 4th of July
  • Christopher got to meet Aunt Pam, Uncle Garry, and cousin Stephen
  • All of the family in town got to eat at Chuys - and if you have eaten at Chuys, you know why this is a milestone ;)
  • Christopher was Baptized!!  In his Daddy's (and 2 uncles) gown that Stephen's Zennie made :) (If you only knew how hard it is to find a christening gown for a boy!!)
  • Stephen and I lost cable and internet over the weekend which is why we haven't posted pictures or blogged.  But it is back up so be on the look out!
  • We had lots of our friends (and family) that came out for his baptism.  It meant to much to us!
  • Zennie, Pop, Uncle Thomas, Gran and Pop got to see Christopher roll over for the first time.  It is always amazing to see how much he has changed since they last saw him. 
  • I don't know what July holds for his milestones, but I can only guess
    • Christopher will get his 4 month shots this Friday
    • We should start the rice cereal this Friday as well
    • We are already talking about taking his sling out of his infant bath and putting in the seat (and Daddy is happy about the toys coming out at bath time!)
    • He should be able to sit in his bumbo without falling over

Those are the milestones that have happened over the past couple of months.  And be on the lookout for a blog on some of those and the pictures!