Catching Up

posted Dec 2, 2010, 4:20 PM by Sara Zenter

Well, we haven't blogged in quite a I thought I would catch everyone up before we head to Shreveport this weekend.  This will be a long blog.  A lot has happened since we let everyone know we were having a boy!  That weekend (Oct 15-17) we went into Shreveport.  Stephen had Louisiana Tech Advisory Council on the 15th.  While he was busy in meetings all day, I went shopping with my mom and Andrea!  It is always great to see family!


The next weekend, Oct 22-24, Derek and Andrea came down to visit for the weekend.  On Saturday, we tried to go to the zoo.  I say tried because it was packed and couldn't find a parking place.  So we decided we would go to the downtown aquarium.  We had fun looking at the fish.  We even got to see a couple of tigers!  You can find the pictures from our adventure in our photo album.  After the aquarium and lunch, we came back to the house to relax.  That same weekend, Houston had their air show.  The air show is right behind our house, so we were able to see parts of it from our back yard and down the street.  Stephen was able to get some pictures of the planes as well!


During our many busy weekends, Stephen and I decided we would go see Discovery's last launch on November 1st.  We planned to leave on Sunday October 31st and return on Wednesday November 3rd.  During the week before we were to leave, there were some leaks detected that delayed the shuttle's launch until Tuesday November 2nd.  Stephen and I discussed it and decided we would still plan on going and hope to see Discovery launch for the last time.  Well, by Saturday October 30th, the launch had been delayed to no earlier than Wednesday November 3rd.  This caused some problems for us.  We weren't able to get a flight back to Houston for Wednesday night late enough to see the launch and the flights for Thursday were already sold out.  After much discussion, we decided to cancel those plans and go someplace else.  Stephen and I decided to go to San Antonio.  We wanted to go someplace that neither one of us had been to and San Antonio was close enough to drive on such short notice.  So we packed up our stuff, packed the dogs' items, and quickly found a hotel room on the River Walk.  Sunday morning, we dropped the dogs' off to be boarded, which was not easy for me!  This is the third time that I have had to leave Astro at a kennel and it hasn't gotten any easier.  But Stephen assured me that he would be fine and he was!  The cutest thing that we saw was when the person took Astro to go back to the kennel, Luna immediately went with him.  She was there to help him and show him it was going to be okay. :)  Well we took off late morning and stopped at Bucees.  This was my first experience with Bucees and I'm sure it won't be the last!  We made it to San Antonio, checked into the hotel and relaxed for a few minutes.  We then headed to have a nice dinner (since I knew I would be exhausted on Monday) on the River Walk.  After dinner, we walked down on the River Walk for a little while and then went in search of ice cream!  I swear we walked two miles looking for a decent ice cream shop!  We never found one.  But we did find several interesting people out that night.  Since it was Halloween, a lot of people were dressed in costumes.  Well, we made it back to the hotel, without ice cream, so we decided to just buy some from the store in the hotel.  And it was wonderful!!  We woke up early Monday and went to eat at LuLu's Bakery and Cafe.  LuLu's is known for their 3 pound cinnamon roll.  If you know me, I love cinnamon rolls.  But we opted out of that on Monday.  We did have a huge breakfast - you can see those pictures in our photo album as well.  Once we had breakfast, we decided to go see a cavern.  This is always fun.  We drove up there and took the tour with only two other people.  It was nice to have such a small group because we could go at our own pace and get to take our time when we wanted.  We got a lot of pictures from the cavern as well.  When we got through with the cavern, we made our way back to our hotel.  We parked the car and headed to go find some lunch.  We ate at Schilo's - this is a German Delicatessen.  After lunch, we decided to walk around and make our way to The Alamo.  We toured The Alamo and took more pictures.  After The Alamo, we decided to go back to the hotel so I could rest for a little bit before going to dinner.  While we were resting, Stephen found a ghost tour for us to take Monday night.  For dinner, we ate at La Fonda.  It is a Mexican restaurant that one of our friends suggested.  It was very good, like every other place we ate!  Stephen can pick out some good restaurants!!  We then went on our ghost tour and saw some more of San Antonio.  I can honestly say, I got my exercise on this vacation!  On Tuesday, we made our way back to LuLu's to try their famous cinnamon roll!  Stephen and I split one and maybe ate a quarter of it.  We also bought one to bring home.  We had planned to go to San Marcus to go to the outlet malls.  But by the time we finished eating breakfast, I was ready to just head home.  I was worn out from all the walking and was ready to see our buddies (dogs).  Astro and Luna were very happy to see us when we picked them up!! 


On Sunday, November 7th, Eric arrived back from his trip and things starting to go back to normal.  We all were getting ready for Julie and Benjamin to move down.  They came later on in the week since Julie didn't start work until the next Monday.  Since they have moved down, Eric and Julie found a house and are planning on closing December 20th.  They are very excited about their new adventure and we are happy we get to share it with them.  We have been enjoying having them in the house and look forward to the time ahead.  It has been nice to see Benjamin so much too! 


I have also had a doctor's appointment one Monday during November.  Everything is still going great with Christopher.   He is getting bigger (and so am I).  He now weighs enough to where I can feel him kick and sometimes move.  It is a weird feeling, especially when I am in a meeting and all of a sudden I feel him kicking non-stop.


We are heading into Shreveport this weekend so Andrea and I can have our first baby shower.  I am looking forward to seeing so much of my side of the family!!  None of them have seen me in person with my new belly.  I am looking forward to the Zenter/John shower in January and one down here with our friends in February.  This time has gone by so quickly and I know the next 14 weeks will be going by even quicker! 


I have my next doctor's appointment on Monday.  This will be my gestational diabetes test as well; so wish me good luck!