Bathroom Remodel

posted Mar 7, 2011, 6:10 PM by Stephen Zenter
Over the past three weeks, I have taken on and completed a project I have been wanting to tackle since we moved into our house three years ago.  With a baby on the way, Sara and I decided to bite the bullet and remodel the hall bathroom.  It used to be adorned in white and pink striped wallpaper, with an over-sized vanity and a toilet that ran constantly but managed to get clogged frequently.  As you can tell, I was not too fond of it.  The size of the bathroom was the biggest challenge.  It is just large enough for a vanity, toilet, and tub, with very little storage space.
We found a great deal at Lowe's on the vanity we liked (included a free granite top and sink) and a toilet (Kohler).  The vanity we chose is a 30"-wide model, which is about 3.5" shorter than the original.  We also found a matching over-the-toilet cabinet to help with the storage problem.  We changed out the mirror that took up the entire wall with an oval model mounted on a brushed nickel finish.  We completed the accessories with brushed nickel towel rods, toilet paper holder, and shower curtain rod.  The lavatory and shower faucets are from Moen, again in a brushed nickel finish.  We also chose a tile pattern of "Carribean Slate" with a light tan grout. This was all tied in with a shower curtain from Target and a paint color "Cincinnatian Hotel Ashley Atrium" from Valspar.  The only original fixture left in the room is the tub and surround, which got some new caulk and a good scrubbing.
Over the years I have picked up some skills in home improvement.  I must admit that this was a true test of some of these skills.  The demolition was the easy part.  Ripping things out gets out a lot of aggression - especially when it's a pink bathroom.  The wallpaper came down with a steamer, and I rented a demolition hammer to make quick work of the tile and mortar removal. <insert manly grunt here>
After patching the walls and rolling on some texture, paint was applied.  The vanity made its way in the room, complete with the new sink and counter top, followed by a new light fixture and exhaust fan.  I took the opportunity to change out the valves and under-sink plumbing as well.  The next step was a big one - my first attempt at a tile floor install.  It was more tedious than I expected, and it is not perfect, (also not as bad as a Mexican restaurant bathroom - no offense intended.  They are my favorite eating establishments.  But have you ever noticed their tile work?) but it came out pretty good.  I finished up my work with base trim installation, getting in the new toilet, and a lot of caulking (definitely my least-favorite part!).  The one and only part of the job that I did not complete on my own was the installation of the new shower faucet valve.  Even I know my limits, and soldering inside of a wall is well outside of my skillset.  The plumber came today and put in the valve, and I finished up the installation of the shower head, tub spout, and faucet handle (followed by more caulking).  If anyone is looking for a good plumber, Huber's in Seabrook is great!
Sara and I are excited about the way it all came out.  My back, knees, and other joints are excited the work is done.  Take a look at the "Hall Bath Remodel" album and see for yourself.