B-2 days and counting...

posted Mar 6, 2011, 6:24 PM by Stephen Zenter
The Mission Management Team has given a "Go" for Christopher's arrival on Tuesday, with the birth window begining at 10:30 AM CST.  Grapple of the little one is expected within about 30-60 minutes once the crew begins into their procedures for birthing operations.  Ground crews have completed final preparations and are standing by for any possible early arrival windows.
Sara and I are seriously excited about the birth of our first child.  We have been able to use the past weeks to get the last few things wrapped up in preparation for Christopher's arrival.  His room is complete and is ready for him to occupy.  The brown/green theme with inclusion of some rockets really worked well in the room.  Pictures are in the photo album
The car seat and associated bases are in the cars, and the bags are packed for the hospital.  Sara has been tryng to take it easy the past couple of weeks but is feeling a little stir crazy already.  I'm not sure what to expect when she isn't allowed to get up and get out of the hospital or house in the coming weeks. 
To my surprise, Sara even allowed me to start a remodel of the hall bathroom just three weeks ago!  Working just two or three hours in the evening after work, I was able to get the whole remodel completed.  All that is left is to have the new shower faucet installed, which should happen tomorrow.  I think the bathroom really looks great, although I am a little biased.  I will post some pics tomorrow.
We will keep the blog updated as things progress with the countown to Christopher's birth.  Stay tuned!