Another Milestone (for Momma)

posted Jan 8, 2012, 9:15 PM by Stephen Zenter
Today marks ten months of life for our little boy. We spent this weekend around the house at a slower pace, which was very nice for a change! Sara and I enjoyed spending a lot of time with Christopher. This was the first weekend we've been able to since Christmas due to my work schedule and other goings-on. It really gave us a chanceto reflect on how much he has grown.
Christopher has been eating some table foods since Thanksgiving.  He loves to feed himself and actually gets some food down the hatch now and then.  These days he is actually well practiced, and Sara and I have a hard time keeping his tray with food on it sometimes.  He has enjoyed some extra Gerber "puffs" (wow; those things are weird!) and some of our smaller table food when we eat dinner each night.  Just over a week ago, we gave the green light for his teachers to start table food at day care.  He eats selected foods from the cafeteria menu each day for lunch now.  Based on the pictures they sent us last week, he is loving it!

Christopher is also getting a little more comfortable standing on his own.  He will be standing and playing and just let go and balance himself.  He has even taken one or two steps on his own to get from one toy to another.  Aside from standing and attempting a little walking, he still prefers crawling for his main mode of transportation.  If someone leaves the room, he is following right behind!  He loves playing in his pop-up tent Zennie bought him for Christmas (with the included tunnel), the kitchen cabinet doors, and even with the toilet paper rolls.  When he is playing in the living room and his toys play music, he can't stop dancing.  It's even funnier when we go to a store and restaurant, and he gets his little body grooving to music playing there.
Sara and I are very aware all of these things are "normal" milestones and are to be expected of most 10-month olds (give or take a month or two).  However, we could not be any more excited about our little one's advancements.  It is amazing to see a little boy grow each day.  How eyes light up with excitement each time he sees one of us.  He loves to talk to Astro and Luna - He also shares his food with them at the table.  His waving and saying "Hi" always gets a response from us, but it even got one from a total stranger in Target today.  His laugh is contageous.  He now will do something then laugh while looking back at you just to see if you think it's as funny as he does.  It is very difficult to keep a straight face when what he is doing is not something he should be - like sticking his tounge under the bath faucet to catch water, for example.

But today we reached a milestone that Sara has been awaiting since the first day Christopher spoke the word (or syllable, rather) "Da-da."  While he was playing after breakfast this morning, he let out a big "Momma!"  It was followed with several more throughout the day, and we just laughed with excitement.  He watches your mouth when you talk to him, trying to figure out how he is going to repeat you.  He tries to move his lips like yours but usually gives into temptation and just yells out "Da-da" a little more.  Maybe now Momma will get her turn ;-)
As always, we'll keep the latest album updated with some pictures!