Almost a Year and Half

posted Nov 6, 2014, 1:56 PM by Sara Zenter
Catching up just didn't seem like the right words to use in the title.  Sadly, it has been almost a year and a half since we last updated the blog.  I can't say that I don't know how that happened, but frankly life with our two boys is the reason why.  Obviously, a lot has happened in that time frame.  So I'll give the shortened catch up month-by-month and hopefully we won't let another year and a half go by before we update the blog again.  And as always, Stephen is the writer, not me - so bare with me on the lengthy catch up and I'll get Stephen to write about the 2014 holidays.  Oh and you can always find the pictures in our photo albums.  So if you haven't been looking there, go catch up on what those two crazy little boys look like (hint, very similar to each other)!

July 2013
Andrew was baptized over the fourth of July weekend.
Christopher went to the beach for the first time (yes, at 2.5 he finally was taken to Galveston beach)
Sadly, that is all I can really remember from July

Andrew growing and I believe starting to crawl
Visits from family

Nothing stick outs

We spent an entire week in Shreveport with the kids.  We celebrated Emily's first birthday and awaited Grayson's birth (sadly he didn't come while we were in town)
Grayson Bass was born exactly 7 months after Andrew, on the 25th! 
Celebrated Halloween as a monkey (Andrew) and Woody/Buzz (Christopher).  Christopher had both costumes and dressed as Woody to go on his first real trick-or-treating

Andrew had his first Thanksgiving with our dear friends Amanda and Jonathan at their house in Katy.
Andrew starts pulling up on things to walk!

Andrew had his first Christmas!  And we did lots of fun things throughout the month.  We visited Santa, rode a train and saw lights.  And Apollo (our elf) came to our house for the very first year.  I had a blast with Apollo and Christopher had a blast finding him in the mornings.  My favorite was when Apollo left a snow-elf print on the table out of flour.  Christopher absolutely could not stand the fact that Apollo made such a mess.  I cannot wait to see what Apollo does this year :)
The boys opened their presents and it was a blast to see their reactions to everything.  Amanda and Jonathan came to visit us for Christmas dinner and then we went into Shreveport the weekend after Christmas to celebrate with our families.  Unfortunately, La Tech didn't go to the Independence Bowl, so Stephen and Thomas didn't get to go to a bowl game - maybe this year!

We visit the Downtown Aquarium to celebrate Lizzie's 2nd birthday!  All four kids had a blast.
Andrew is fully walking by now without assistance
Stephen went to the Monster Jam, or whatever you call the monster truck show :)

The boys had the privilege to go strawberry picking for the first time (and definitely not the last).  I think Christopher ate off of almost every one of the strawberries he picked :)  Andrew also tried to eat every one he picked as well.
We also went into Shreveport to celebrate Cadence's 3rd birthday

Christopher turns 3 with a "Buzz and Woody" party!
Andrew turns 1 with Rocket party
Oh and Stephen had a birthday too ;-)
And we did some more strawberry picking

We headed to Shreveport one weekend to help give a graduation celebration for Thomas and my cousin Stephen as they graduated from LCP and head to La Tech!
Stephen and I also spoke at LCP's career day on our respective jobs.
Easter happened in April, I think, so the boys enjoyed their egg hunts (over and over again) :)

Thomas and Stephen graduate from LCP! (which meant another trip to Shreveport)
We made a trip to La Tech and to Duck Commander

Christopher received his first pet, Chuy the fish.  He received this pet for becoming completely potty trained during the day.  Finally!!
We spent a lot of time in the pool (either at the community pool or the small one we buy for our back yard)!

Thomas receives the Eagle Scout rank in a ceremony!
We spent time in the pool again (this time at Derek and Andrea's and of course our back yard one)

Nothing sticks out in my mind; but after the many trips to Shreveport before this month, it was nice to spend the month at home.
More swimming!
Oh the boys moved up in classrooms at school!  Andrew is now a "Duck" and Christopher is a "Navigator"
And on the same day that the boys moved up at school, I started a new job!  I went back to MRI Technologies.

Another quiet month, but we decided to sign Christopher up for tee ball and he starts games!  He loves to play and is really good :)  He is also a fast runner!

Finally to this month :)
Christopher had more games on Wednesdays and Sundays
Christopher went to his first La Tech football game (and several after that!).  Stephen took Christopher to the "Red Out" game and they both had a blast.  Andrew and I stayed at home.
I took Christopher back in a couple weeks later to celebrate Grayson's first birthday!  Poor Andrew stayed home with Daddy.
And then we had trick-or-treating again!  We had a minion (Andrew) and Iron Man (Christopher).

Stephen, Christopher, Jonathan, and Emma made a last minute trip to the La Tech homecoming game and camped at Lincoln Park
Christopher had his last tee ball game!  Can't wait for spring.

The rest of November and December have a lot of fun activities planned and we can't wait to see how the boys grow :)