A Little Remodeling....

posted Feb 13, 2011, 7:49 PM by Sara Zenter   [ updated Feb 16, 2011, 5:36 AM ]

Well, Stephen and I have been talking about remodeling the guest bathroom for a while.  This past weekend, Lowes had their vanities on sale.  If you bought the vanity, you received the vanity top for free.  So we decided to make our way to Lowes on Friday and see if we found anything we liked.  Low and behold, we did :)  While we were there, we noticed that the toilet we were going to get was $40 off.  So on Saturday, before our Baby Class, we went back and bought the toilet. 


While I was organizing Christopher's room, I heard a lot of noise just across the hall.  Stephen had decided to start taking down that horrible wall paper.  For those that haven't seen it - it was pink and white stripped with a seashell theme border.  I love pink, but it was horrible!  So after a while, I went to check on him.....well can anyone guess what was decided next?  Probably not.....But Stephen has decided, 4 weeks before Christopher's due date, to completely remodel the bathroom.  My only request to him was to have everything (except the vanity) done by the time my parents are to come down here for Christopher's birth.  He stated he would, so being the good wife I am, I said do what you want :)


Well after day one of remodeling, Stephen (with some help from Eric) has completely removed the toilet, old vanity, some tile and at least half the wall paper.  He probably would have had more removed, but we needed to go to Lowes and pick out the tile and grout for the floor, pick out the paint color, and finish getting items Stephen would need to finish the project.


On Monday, Stephen pulled down the rest of the horrific wall paper and the entire tile in the bathroom :)  Now he gets to start the fun part - moving electrical, cleaning the floor and prepping it for the new tile, sanding the walls and prepping those for the paint.  Oh the joy of remodeling, especially when the wife can't help ;)


I will get pictures up of the remodeling as I can, but I will definitely keep you updated on how everything comes along!