6 Months Old

posted Sep 16, 2011, 7:29 PM by Sara Zenter   [ updated Sep 16, 2011, 8:48 PM by Stephen Zenter ]
I should have written this last week, but with everything that has been going on this is the first time I have actually gotten time.  I will save what has been going on lately, besides things about Christopher, for Stephen to write in another blog.
So, on to what this blog is about... Christopher is 6 months old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I know, I know, it is hard to believe.  I still can't believe half a year has already passed.  It has gone by so quickly and I know the next 6 months are going to go by even quicker (espeically with the holidays!).  So I bet you are probably wondering what Christopher has been doing and what milestones he has reached.  Well, sit down and get ready for these because you aren't going to believe it :)
Lets start with a few milestones.  Christopher can now sit up all by himself.  There are still a few instances when he will fall over, especially when he goes to reach for a toy.  Once he is lying on his stomach, he cannot push himself back to a sitting position yet.  But we know that it is only time before that happens.  Christopher can roll all over the place and that is one of his favorite ways to get around.  Christopher has also started to pull himself around and "crawl" with his head and stomach on the ground pushing with his feet.  Today, we actually started seeing Christopher truly trying to crawl.  He will get on all fours and rock back and forth, and take a couple of steps then fall back onto his stomach.  I bet by the end of the weekend he will be crawling (and we are all in for it then!)  There will be no stopping Christopher once he gets mobile.
Christopher has now outgrown his swing (at least at home) and pretty much his bouncer.  I had put him in his swing one afternoon, left the room, and when I came back he was turned almost all the way around looking at the mobile at the top.  So that was the last day we had the swing up.  Christopher tries to climb out of his bouncer now, so we have stopped putting him in it, but haven't put the bouncer up yet.  But, he absolutely loves the jumperoo!!  He will stay in that for a while having a blast.  We have also started introducing the "Baby Einstein" videos on an absolutely as=needed basis (I know, how nice of us to put him in front of the TV) - this is only when Stephen or I need to get something done and he just doesn't want to entertain himself.  Christopher does like watching the TV, and has recently enjoyed watching "Wheel of Fortune" this past week while we were playing on the floor.
Now lets move on to the my favorite topic now with Christopher... food!  We started Stage 1 solid foods a week ago, after going to the doctor for his 6 month check up.  Oh, that reminds me.  Christopher weighed 15 lbs 15.5 ounces and was 28.25 inches long!  So, we have a long, lean baby still :)  So back to the food.  We started with green beans, which we were told to start with the green vegetables and work our way to the others, then meat, then fruit.  So we deicded green beans before peas.  And Christopher absolutely loved them!  He ate over half the container at the first sitting.  The past 3 days, we did peas.  We don't think he likes peas as much as I thought he did - he has now started spitting up more of his bottle after eating the peas... therefore, I think he doesn't like them as much.  He also doesn't eat them as fast and didn't seem as interested in them after the first time.  But tomorrow we are going to start with maybe sweet potatoes or another one that we have!  We have also switched to all formula bottles instead of one formula bottle and four breastmilk bottles.  Therefore, I have stopped pumping and as much as I enjoyed feeding my child, I am happy to be back to a normal sleep pattern and not having to worry about all the things I had to worry about.  Christopher has seemed to make a pretty okay transition to all formula.  He has a few issues, but he won't pass up eating!  The past couple of days, we have introduced the sippy cup with just water in it.  Christopher would put it in his mouth and then play with it.  Well, our friend Georgia, let us know to take the valve out of the top (the one that keeps the liquid from coming out if it falls or gets tipped over) and that way, Christopher will learn there is something to drink in it and learn how to drink from it.  So tonight, we tried that.  The apple juice/water mixture came out a little too quick for him, but he seemed to like apple juice!  Which is something he likes that his Daddy doesn't :) 
We are looking forward to seeing how well Christopher's appetite grows for food and how well he starts drinking from a sippy cup!  There are pictures in the Summer 2011 album of Christopher eating his green beans.  So go there to look for those!