3 Months of Catching Up

posted Dec 28, 2011, 7:10 PM by Sara Zenter   [ updated Dec 28, 2011, 7:57 PM ]
Stephen has done a lot of posts to hit the highlights of what has been going on since I last posted when Christopher was 6 months old.  But I wanted to do the usual catch up blog to hit the good milestones and the not so good milestones.
There has been a lot that has happened since Christopher turned 6 months old!  He is now 9.5 months old :)  and weighs 19 pounds.  I think he is around 30 inches long too.  We will do his "9 month well check-up" when he is 10 months old in a couple of weeks.  His well check-up was overcome by becoming sick.  Stephen posted about how active Christopher is at day care and he is just as active at home.  Christopher comes home from day care and pulls out all the toys out of his toy box and plays and plays and plays! :)
For the good milestones, here is what he has hit so far:
  • Sit up all by himself and goes from a sitting position laying down
  • Crawls all over the place!
  • Pulls up on anything and everything and walks while holding onto somthing
  • Has taken a few steps and can stand by himself for a few seconds
  • Has started dancing to music and it is way too cute!
  • Started eating table food and absolutely loves it!  He really enjoys his puffs, veggie sticks, and yogurt melts, but has tried rice, noodles, turkey, and bread
  • Drinks from a sippy cup and absolutely loves water!
  • Had his first Thanksgiving and Christmas!
  • Visited Santa and didn't cry :)
  • Has said DaDa and learned more sounds like Ba, Ga, and La
  • The week after Thanksgiving, we successfully stopped using the pacifier!!!  It only took a couple of days and it is so nice not having to keep up with it anymore :)
But for the bad milestones, and you are probably wondering these are.....
  • Christopher came down with RSV Thanksgiving week along with a double ear infection.  So Mommy and Daddy got some extra time off of work that week :)  But he seemed all better by the time Thanksgiving rolled around
  • And then the week of Christmas (last week), Christopher had another double ear infection that seemed worse than the previous one.  So we are now finishing up that antibiotic and will be checked at his well check up in a couple of weeks.  Let's hope he is all better!
We have also fought numerous colds and allergies in the meantime, but those were the two major infections.
Stephen and I are looking forward to what the next 3 months are going to bring before his 1st birthday!  We believe that he will be walking by March and then there is really no stopping him! :)