12 Week Tests

posted Sep 6, 2010, 2:30 PM by Sara Zenter
Stephen and I made our way to the doctor's office on Monday, August 30th, for the 12 week tests for Peanut.  This was our chance to get to see Peanut again and it was a blast.  We couldn't believe how much he/she has grown in 6 weeks.  We could see both legs, both arms, feet, hands, nose, mouth, eyes, and even some toes :)  It was so amazing.  Once the technician woke him/her up, there was no stopping!  Peanut was moving around like crazy - pushing off the side, moving his/her arms, and even waving to us at one point.  It looked like he/she was sucking their thumb, but we couldn't figure out if it was that or the hands just being around the head.  We finally were told the heartbeat - 156!  As always, you can look in our photo album for the latest pictures of our littlest member!
I go back to the doctor for my 14 week check-up on August 13th and then the 18 week appointment we will hopefully know if it is a boy or a girl and put a name to Peanut. 
In other news, Andrea, my brother's wife, should be able to find out what they are having this Friday!  We are so happy to find out if we will be having a niece or nephew!!  It is fun to hear what everyone thinks we are having, so it will be fun to see who is actually correct!